What Is The Most Comfortable Mattress

Top 10 most comfortable mattresses


What Is The Most Comfortable Mattress

Everyone wants to know: What’s the most comfortable mattress?

There are good reasons to want to know the answer. An uncomfortable mattress can cause misery and long nights without sleep. On the other hand, a comfortable mattress can bring years of peaceful and rejuvenating sleep.

The answer depends largely on the personal preferences of each person. In other words, it is unlikely that a mattress will be comfortable for everyone.

In groups, however, people tend to find some mattresses more comfortable than others.

How do I know that? My research team spent hundreds of hours on dozens of online e-bulletin boards and collected data from thousands of people about what they thought about their mattresses.

The results are interesting and may not match your expectations.

Based on the results of the research in early 2008, let’s see how comfortable mattresses are of number 10. (Mattress type is in brackets.)

  1. Simmons Beautyrest (innerspring) — This mattress, like all of the innerspring mattresses included in the research, did not score very well compared to other types of mattresses. This is mainly because many owners, according to the data, indicated that the bed had premature sagging. Premature sagging is loss of support to a degree that notably lessens the comfort of the mattress and takes place within three years of purchase.
  2. Serta (innerspring) — Like the other innerspring mattresses, it did not score highly because of premature sagging.
  3. Kingsdown (innerspring) — Like the other innerspring mattresses, it too did not score highly because of premature sagging.
  4. Sealy Posturepedic (innerspring) — This mattress had the highest comfort rating among innerspring mattresses and had the fewest reports of premature sagging among innersprings.
  5. Tempur-pedic (memory foam) — All of the memory foam mattresses in the research scored well, including this mattress. However, some of its owners said that its comfort was undermined by premature sagging and retention of body heat.
  6. Sleep Number (air bed) — This mattress, the research found, generally has owners who either passionately love the bed (the majority) or passionately hate the bed.
  7. Novaform (memory foam) — This mattress was rated by the clear majority of its owners to be comfortable as well as affordable. However, it did have problems that were similar to those of Tempur-pedic.
  8. Waterbed — Although waterbeds are currently not as popular as memory foam and air mattresses, the clear majority of waterbed owners liked the comfort of their bed, as well as the durability.
  9. Comfortaire (air bed) — The vast majority of Comfortaire mattress owners found it to be comfortable and durable.
  10. Bergad / Isoform (memory foam) — Over 90% of the owners of this mattress found it comfortable and generally without some of the issues that the other memory foam mattresses had.

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