Is A Firm Mattress Good For A Bad Back

Firm Mattress


Is A Firm Mattress Good For A Bad Back

Firm Mattress for Back Pain


If you have back pain, it is important to choose the right mattress. Many people have the belief that a firm mattress is best for back pain, but that is not always true. A firm mattress does not take into account the natural curvature of the spine and can cause additional problems. Let’s see which type of mattress is best on the back and why it is not the best for you.


Problems With A Closed Mattress


Pressure points

A sturdy mattress creates pressure points on the shoulders and pelvis. This can be uncomfortable for everyone, especially for those who sleep apart. Moreover, having these pressure points on someone with a bad back will be doubly inconvenient.

Another problem with pressure points is that if they cause numbness, you often have to rotate and rotate to put yourself in a comfortable position. It can be difficult to find a comfortable position on a mattress that is too firm, resulting in countless sleepless nights.


Wrong alignment of the spine

A too firm mattress will not support your spine in its normal alignment. Instead, it only supports the most substantial parts of the body: the hips and shoulders. This leads to uncomfortable pressure points as discussed above. In addition to discomfort, this mattress will cause long-term problems due to a lack of proper support of the spine.

For back pain, a firm mattress can cause all kinds of problems because the body tries in vain to compensate for the lack of support of the spine. You may not even know that this is what your body is trying to do because it is something your muscles do unconsciously. You will, however, become acutely aware of long-term pain and discomfort that may not seem to go away.


Lack of conformability

A firm mattress does not adapt well to your body, so there are openings between your body and the bed. This means that some parts of your body are not supported by a firm mattress, which will cause additional pain if you have back pain. Ideally, a mattress should provide excellent support, while remaining consistent with the contours of your body.

The best mattress for the back is a medium density. Although it is important not to have a firm back mattress, it is just as important that it is not too soft to support your body weight. A mattress that is too soft will not support the body properly, causing it to sink too much into the mattress. As a result, your back pain becomes worse after sleeping on an incredibly soft mattress. For back complaints, a medium-sized company is considered to be the ideal medium term: neither too soft nor too hard.

The material of which the mattress is made also plays an important role in relieving pain. A latex mattress is the best type for the back. Indeed, the latex has natural flexibility and adapts quickly to your body to adequately support the spine. Also, latex is widely recognized as one of the most comfortable types of mattresses on the market. A night of rest and comfort can help people with back problems enormously.

When you go to bed on a latex mattress, you will quickly understand why many chiropractors and osteopaths recommend it: latex offers support and is extremely comfortable.

However, when shopping, look for a back mattress on mattresses that are presented as orthopedic. The truth is that “orthopedic” is a random term used by manufacturers.

There is no industry standard or government standard for orthopedic mattresses. Instead, opt for a latex mattress from a reputable mattress shop with which you can change or replace the firmness level of the mattress within a certain time, for example, 100 days.

It is a much better sign of the quality of a mattress than an independent manufacturer, such as an osteopath, to recommend instead of presenting it as “orthopedic” by the manufacturer.

The primary message here is that if you have back pain, avoid mattresses that are too hard or too soft. In the past, it was made to know that a firm mattress was good for the back. More recent discoveries, on the other hand, suggest that a moderately firm mattress is preferred.

A latex mattress helps considerably in maintaining the spine without creating pressure points. Besides being better for back pain, a latex mattress is incredibly comfortable to lie down and relax. If you have back pain, you should consider sleeping on a medium-sized latex mattress. Try one and see!

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